IPA to 分享 研究 and Best Practices With Member Companies During UIBC 2021


独立项目分析(IPA) will hold its annual meeting of the Upstream 行业 基准测试 Consortium (UIBC) starting in November 2021. 报告和工作会议 上游行业 owner companies that benchmark their capital projects with IPA will again share industry 研究 and Best Practices through virtual sessions over several weeks. UIBC 2021 kicks off on Tuesday, November 9, 2021, with the welcome address by 卡洛斯Tapia, Director of 能源 Practice, followed by the keynote address given by IPA President and CEO, 爱德华麦罗. IPA will deliver each live webinar twice to accommodate different time zones. 会议将于2021年12月中旬结束, 从11月20日到30日休息, 2021, 为你.S. 感恩节.

Below we highlight the new industry 研究 to be delivered for the first time during the UIBC 2021 webinar series as well as the sessions on focused topics:


在整个大流行期间,国际摄影协会进行了调查 COVID-19的影响 关于项目成本和进度. The objective of the surveys is to use the experience of estimators and planners to understand mitigation strategies for mid- to long-term disruptions and feed this knowledge into our clients’ projects and project systems. This webinar session outlines what we have found so far as the pandemic has progressed.


Improving the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions performance of projects 已经成为E&全球P业主/运营商. This presentation will highlight the progress 行业 has made in its journey to a low-carbon future, the tools and frameworks it is deploying to measure and improve its GHG performance, and how these changes are starting to manifest in less GHG-intensive hydrocarbon production.


随着石油和天然气公司向新能源领域扩张, they face critical decisions about how to integrate new energy ventures into their existing project organizations. 这些集成决策具有重大意义, lasting implications on organizational efficiencies and long-term success. Companies may be under the impression that the best (or only) option is to keep new energies separate from their more mature businesses. This session will explore the strengths and weaknesses of various integration approaches and discuss what others are doing across the industry to help ensure today’s organizational choices foster robust businesses in the long run.


这项研究着眼于如何敏捷化, 这个方法已经存在了20年, 现在被用于资本项目吗. 虽然最初是针对软件行业的, 敏捷已经帮助各行业做出了积极的改变. The study looks at the opportunities and limitations Agile provides when applied to projects that require large amounts of precise engineering and relative inflexibility in execution with a multitude of long-lead items.


海上改造项目, 或在上面修改, 历史上在E&P business—mostly because of their low capital cost relative to the installation of new facilities. 作为离岸的E&P business shifts its focus from building new topsides to maintaining or repurposing existing assets, the control and efficiency of these projects will come more into focus. The purpose of this study is to characterize the practices associated most strongly with better project predictability given a particular project context.


This study illustrates 行业’s performance for production ramp-up and the reasons behind it. Typical industry ramp-up curves are provided to serve as baselines. The study then illustrates the common failure modes behind slower production ramp-up. Finally, this study investigates what practices can be used to help improve ramp-up performance.


比其他任何工业部门,E&P projects encounter numerous obstacles and challenges as they move from discovery and early appraisal into scope development. 许多E&P projects enter Select (scope development) with potentially crippling problems. Effort is then spent to develop these projects only to find that commercial, 监管, 碳排放强度, or political problems make further progress impossible (at least in the short term). This study is premised on the idea that having stronger and clearer deliverable requirements prior to entering Select would lead to a stronger portfolio of projects overall. The study focuses on what critical elements past projects that stalled in Select were missing when they passed the gate to enter that phase.

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